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Sleeping bag Kidz

0.5 TOG

Ideal for restless sleepers and transition to a duvet. Its trusty sleeping bag keeps your child's world smaller and familiar for a little while longer. 

  • baby can’t throw the covers off
  • facilitates the transition to a standard bed
  • makes the transition to a duvet easier
  • safe to combine with a duvet and pyjamas
  • sleeveless in order to prevent heat accumulation
  • OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1
  1. Every day cotton 0.5 TOG
  2. Cold days teddy 2.0 TOG

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4 hearts rating

Over the moon with her big Puckabag

"Very happy when we heard that you would also be launching a toddler sleeping bag. Actually, we’ve been waiting for it and fortunately Amber didn’t grow out of her 4 Seasons bag in the meantime. The transition went very smoothly. Every night she puts on her Puckabag with a smile and she sleeps really great in it."

Marijke N.

5 hearts rating

Just the right temperature

"I had my doubts initially because your new bag doesn’t have any sleeves and all the others do but Sophie from customer services told me it’s better to ensure safe sleep. And that’s obviously the most important thing, so I get it now. And it’s true, Greetje wears pyjamas anyway so this is the best solution and when I pick her up she’s not soaked through. Just the right temperature, in other words."

Tina L.

5 hearts rating

It’s a reassuring thought to know she won’t be cold

"It’s exactly as you described. Ruby had always been a sound sleeper and in the past cheaper sleeping bags did the trick just fine so I never really needed your help because I had a crybaby, for instance. But ever since she stopped wearing a sleeping bag she hasn’t been sleeping all that well. So I went looking but I couldn’t find a long sleeping bag anywhere. They were all too short. Finally I ended up on your site. I ordered the sleeping bag right away, it arrived the very next day and I started using it immediately. And I’m glad to say she’s doing great! Also, it’s a reassuring thought to know she’s not cold at night."

Charlotte c.

Tossing and turning.

Too much freedom of movement and cold cause fitful sleep, especially as the nights grow colder. Parents often don’t realise this is due to the change of seasons. Toddlers can be quite active in their sleep at night. They kick off the covers and being cold interferes with deep sleep. After months of restful nights your toddler no longer sleeps through. Before long your child kicks off the covers, and being cold interferes with deep sleep. This sleeping bag offers the ideal solution. To your toddler it feels wonderfully soft and familiar. As a parent you can also be sure your little tike won’t be too cold.

Product info

  • Age > 2,5 years
  • Height 100 - 128 cm
  • Weight > 15 kg
  • Length Bag Kidz 130 cm
  • Washing instructions
  • 40°C and can be put in the dryer (low temperature).
  • Wash separately and close zips before washing.
  • Composition
  • NEW! Cotton - 100% cotton
  • TOG
  • NEW! Cotton - 0.5 TOG
product info

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Puckababy helps babies to sleep enough hours.

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