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Sleeping bag 4 Seasons 6m-2,5y

Years of safe sleeping through the night with just one sleeping bag.

BAG 4 SEASONS is the perfect sleeping bag to give your child years of restful sleep.

  • 4-in-1 sleeping bag
  • Adjustable length
  • Wraparound Belly Band keeps baby snug and in place
  • Years of sleeping comfort
  • Luxurious finish
  • Safe sleeping through the night

This versatile, adaptable sleeping bag has been created for all weathers and babies of all sizes. The extra sense of security comforts your child, allowing it to sleep longer. We recommend using it with the belly band from 6-9 months old, so that even tiny babies can sleep safe, snugly held in place inside the bag. Then, thanks to its adjustable length, you can carry on using it for up to 2 years, day and night.

Your child will never be too cold or too hot at night. That’s years of good, safe sleeping guaranteed, wrapped up in one.

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4 hearts rating

1 bag is all you need

"It’s not cheap, true, but served us well for 2 years and in six months’ time our second child will be just as happy with it. No more hassle with summer/winter sleeping bags and different sizes."

Els K.

5 hearts rating

He sleeps great in this

"Our little man spent his first night in the 4 Seasons sleeping bag, before that it was the Piep and the Mini. He sleeps great in this and most nights he sleeps through (at just 5 months). 1 small drawback: the sleeping bag is too small for mommy"

Sandra E-W.

5 hearts rating

Bought it 4 years ago

"We bought it four years ago, our second daughter is using it now and it’s still in great condition! Veeery happy with these sleeping bags. We bought a second one for when the first one is in the wash, that’s how much we like them. We started with the Piep and at 4 years old our eldest still sleeps in your sleeping bags"

Esther d.


"Just one sleeping bag and you’re set"

Ready for every Season

You can turn our Bag 4 Seasons into a cosy sleeping bag for autumn through to winter, cooler for the warmer days of spring and summer.

Whatever the weather, you’ve got the safest and most comfortable sleep solution, all in one bag.

bag 4 seasons summer


Unzip the sleeves of the cotton outer bag and you have a wonderfully airy summer sleeping bag.

  • TOG: 0.25
  • Composition: 100% cotton

bag 4 seasons autumn


Only use the teddy inner bag in autumn. Unzip the inner bag and turn it inside out so the teddy is on the outside.

  • TOG: 2.0
  • Composition: Teddy - 100% Microfibre, 100% cotton

bag 4 seasons winter


In winter use the sleeping bag with both the inner and outer bag.

  • TOG: 2.5
  • Composition: Cotton & Teddy

bag 4 seasons spring


Only use the cotton outer bag in spring. Unzip and remove the teddy inner bag.

  • TOG: 0.5
  • Composition: 100% cotton

Years of good & safe sleeping

You know that feeling unprotected or too cold unsettles your baby. The Bag 4 Seasons is a sleeping bag that fits snugly around your baby’s body. The slim fit design and soft materials keep your darling from feeling uncomfortable and lost in its cot. While the Belly Band wrapped around the outside makes sure that the tinier 6-9 month old babies stay snugly hugged and in just the right position inside the bag.

The sleeping bag makes it easier to go to sleep and helps your baby rest for longer. Baby can’t throw the covers off and won’t roll over as easily. And the Belly Band means they stay in the perfect position inside the bag, however small they are from 6-9 months old. The extra sense of security of the Bag 4 Seasons promotes deep sleep. Your child sleeps for longer and wakes up well rested.

Product info

  • Age 6 months up til 2,5 years
  • Height 70 - 98 cm
  • Weight 7,5 - 15 kg
  • Lenght 4 seasons100 cm
  • Washing instructions
  • 40°C and can be put in the dryer (low temperature).
  • Attention, do not put a sleeping bag printed with your baby’s name in the dryer.
  • Close all zips and Velcro prior to washing. Wash the whole item. Zip the sleeves back on before washing and wash the whole sleeping bag.
  • Dark colour? Always wash the dark outer bag separately.
    The first few times separately with water and a dash of vinegar to fix the colour.
  • Composition
  • Cotton - 100% cotton (spring and summer bag)
  • Teddy - 100% Microfibre, 100% cotton (autumn bag)
  • Cotton & Teddy (winter bag)

4-in-1 sleeping bag with 4 different TOG values

  • Spring bag 0.5
  • Summer bag 0.25
  • Autumn bag 2.0
  • Winter bag 2.5
Product info