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About Puckababy


Puckababy was born in 2007. Puckababy’s focus has been on safe sleeping for years. All of our products are designed in the Netherlands, made of the best materials, and compliant with the strictest requirements for baby-safety. With products that are both functional and beautiful, Puckababy sets itself apart when it comes to quality and class.
These days, the Dutch brand has grown into a complete sleeping concept for children of 0 to 7 years old. All over the world, countless children and their parents are now enjoying healthy sleep, thanks to the sleep-solutions from Puckababy.


The first offspring of the entire sleeping concept were the swaddling sleeping bags for children of 0 to 6 months old. It was based on the swaddling of old, but made to fit the needs of young, modern parents. This child-friendly little sleeping bag, the Puckababy, soon became a household name. Parents and doctors viewed it as the new way of sleeping, enabling the baby to get some proper rest. The mild alternative to swaddling turned into a huge success. Babies regained their rhythm, and parents got their sleep back. The trust in Puckababy grew by the day. Inspired by the parents’ demand for follow-up products, Puckababy kept designing lifestyle-solutions. By now there is a complete concept for children of 0 – 7 years. All about good sleep, safety and design.


It’s a fact: no life without sleep. Because of this basic need, it is our mission to design products that help babies, toddlers and preschoolers sleep well. With a complete collection sleeping bags and luxurious accessories, Puckababy has conquered a rock solid place in the market and in many homes with its beautiful products. Thanks to all of those parents who put their faith in us, and whom we gave back their sleep.
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