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Bellyband for Bag 4 Seasons

Safe sleeping for smaller babies (6-9 months old) in our BAG 4 SEASONS

Our wraparound Belly Band means your 6-9 month old baby can start using their BAG 4 SEASONS straightaway, even if they’re still tiny.

  • Designed to go with the BAG 4 SEASONS
  • Keeps smaller babies snug and secure
  • Recommended for babies from 6-9 months
  • Use when baby is at least 70cm long, 7.5kg in weight
  • Wraps around the outside of the bag
  • Use all year round
  • Simple fastening
  • Safe sleeping all night long
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  • Order by 11:59 PM, delivered within 1-3 business days
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A hug in a bag

Designed to work with our BAG 4 SEASONS, our separate Belly Band means you can start using your sleeping bag from six months old, even if your baby is still quite tiny. Just wrap it around the bag, and they’ll be safely and snugly held in place inside. Arms in sleeves, in just the right position, with all the security of our bag’s slim fit design. And the fact that it goes around the outside means you can use it whatever the season, with any combination of layers. We recommend using it until your baby is 9 months old, or reaches 70cm length, 7.5kg weight. After that, of course, your BAG 4 SEASONS is still good to go for up to 2 years.

Babies sleep better when they feel warm, safe and secure. Which is why swaddling has been around since way back when. Our BAG 4 SEASONS has been designed to give babies that soothing feeling of being held and cuddled in their cot. And also to keep them at just the right temperature, whatever the time of year. Use it with our wraparound Belly Band and even smaller babies can benefit from the snuggled, secure feeling its slimline design offers. And once they’ve grown a little more, you can stop using it and you’ve still got years of use from your all seasons, adjustable length bag.

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