The Puckababy Mini was specifically developed to make weaning easier. Thanks to the zippers at arm height your little one can sleep with its arms out but without losing the sense of security of the cocoon. This is a very useful intermediate step from swaddling to regular sleeping.

How can I gradually wean swaddling?


Since the transition to regular sleeping can take a lot of getting used to for your little one, it may be useful to take it step by step. Here are a few tips:

  • Start by wrapping your baby with one arm out during its afternoon nap. Then do the same in the evening before you yourself turn in (again while your baby is asleep). If this goes well for a number of sleeps then you can try this with both arms out!
  • In the evening start by putting your baby to bed with both arms through the sleeve openings. Try this for 5 minutes, then if all goes well try it for 10, etc. This way your baby will gradually get used to sleeping with its arms out. Take care to keep up the same sleep routine.
  • If your baby falls asleep with its arms out but wakes a little while later you can initially place baby’s arms inside the sleeping bag again. But as these periods of slumber grow longer try waiting a bit to see if your baby doesn’t drop off again of its own accord.
  • Leave the zippers on the side of the sleeping bag open: baby’s arms may find their own way out again.

At first sleeping with its arms out may feel a little strange. However, if your baby is a little restless this is entirely unrelated to why you started using your Puckababy in the first place! So stick with it but don’t let your baby become upset. Keep its arms nice and warm, for instance by dressing baby in a long-sleeved onesie or a pyjama jacket.

Transition to Bag 4 Seasons

The Bag 4 Seasons comes highly recommended to make the transition to regular sleeping go smoothly. This follow-up sleeping bag is designed specifically to keep that sense of security that your child needs so much.