A TOG chart gives you a better insight and keeps your baby from sleeping too hot or cold. This chart tells you what your baby should wear in any room temperature.

What is TOG?

TOG ratings are used to prevent heat accumulation and promote safe sleeping. The TOG rating quotes the insulation value of textiles. The TOG rating indicates how well clothing or bedding retains heat. The hotter it gets, the lower the accumulated TOG rating of the clothing and bedding should be. The TOG ratings of all Puckababy products are printed on the labels.

What is heat accumulation?

Heat accumulation in babies and young children is a very real danger. Heat accumulation disrupts the balance between the body and the ambient temperature. Your baby’s temperature mounts because it is unable to release excess heat into its environment. In addition to the risk of heat accumulation, an increase in temperature also makes for restless sleep.

How do I know which TOG rating applies?

Measure the temperature of the room and check the chart for the corresponding TOG rating. Add up the TOG ratings of the bed linen and your child’s clothes and check if this value is in line with the TOG recommendation for the room’s temperature. If not, add or remove a layer: use a heavier or lighter sleeping bag, a blanket more or less, or dress your baby in a pair of pyjamas or a onesie.


Temperature                 TOG-rating
over 24°C                       0.25 TOG
max. 24°C                            0.5 TOG
max. 21°C                            1.0 TOG
max. 18°C                            2.0 TOG
max. 16°C                            2.5 TOG

The ideal temperature

The TOG rating for a baby blanket or sleeping bag is usually situated between 1 to max. 4 TOG.
2 TOG can be considered a good standard to ensure safe sleeping comfort for your baby. This is based on a normal body temperature between 36.5-37.5°C and an ideal room temperature of 18-20°C.

The easiest way to check which version of the Puckababy is best suited for which temperature is to check the TOG chart for each of our sleeping bags below: