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“When my baby is sleeping I think: Wonderful! We did it again!”




4 seasons. A single sleeping bag. For years! Really!

The right sleeping bag? Sleeping safely?
A legitimate concern shared by many parents.

Sleeping too hot or cold often disturbs baby’s sleep unnecessarily. The all-season sleeping bag (from 6 months) is transformed into an autumn, spring or summer sleeping bag in the blink of an eye and you can use it for years.

Safe and blissful sleep, day in and day out. Temperature fluctuations are no longer a problem


  1. From the first night that we started using a Puckababy sleeping bag, our little girl slept through the night. Miracle bag!

Ulyssa G.

"Highly recommended; slept through just fine from day one at 16 months old still loves sleeping in Puckababy"

Chantal B.

"#musthave!!!! Super safe for your child!!! And great quality in super cool prints!!"

Daniëlle V.

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