Are you going on a skiing holiday soon or do you prefer warmer climes? Travelling with the whole family means really spending time with each other. But also… a different routine, different surroundings, a different bedroom. So how can you make sure your little one sleeps well and deeply, wherever you are?

Make sure there is a place to sleep that can be darkened

Everything starts with the perfect sleeping place. A cosy cabin, a giant cottage or a small hotel room: wherever you are staying, make sure your baby sleeps in a room where daylight can be obscured. If you need to, bring along a roll of aluminium foil or bin bags to tape over the windows so early morning light or late evening light cannot disrupt the sleep rhythm. Weird? Not at all! You’ll thank us! ;-)

Make sure the surroundings are familiar

It’s not just children who often don’t sleep as well in a strange bed. How many times have we said it ourselves: I’m so glad to be in my own bed again? So it is best to bring along a good and practical travel cot that is not too heavy. An AeroMoov travel cot is the perfect solution for at home and on the move.

Handy, easy to fold or unfold in seconds, compact, and lightweight. Extra tip: put your baby to sleep in the travel cot for a few days before you travel. This way, your baby will be used to the cot and sleep better when you get to your destination.

Another easy way to ensure your little one feels at home quicker is to use a well-fitting sleeping bag. The familiar and snug comfort of such a sleeping bag ensures your baby settles quicker and sleeps better.

We have sleeping bags for all ages, from the smallest babies to toddlers .

Don’t forget to slow down

Travel enriches a person. New impulses, new impressions, every day, both for you and your baby. But do not underestimate the impact: a baby is very sensitive to all the new things he will experience on his travels.

Such a busy little head needs some peace and quiet every now and then. So, schedule in some ‘cool down’ moments. A little snooze in the room during the day will help your baby to sleep better and deeper during the night. 

Stick to your routine

Of course, life is not the same as at home when you are away, but you should still try to stick to a similar routine as much as possible. Try to organise the sleeping and eating moments like you do at home, and definitely stick to the same sleep ritual. If your baby is used to story time before bed, or listens to calming music, just keep doing the same, even if you are sleeping in a ski cabin high in the Pyrenees.

Being surrounded by familiar cuddly toys helps too.

Listen to your gut feeling

Just one last tip: listen to your gut feeling. It sounds simple, and it is. You know your baby better than anyone.

If you feel he is more affected by jet lag than you thought, don’t be afraid to adapt the sleeping pattern. Does you baby not need daytime naps, even though he does at home? No problem, don’t force it.

Enjoy your adventure, cherish being together, and follow your gut feeling. Have fun and safe travels!