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Summer swaddle bag Piep Tencel 0-3m

0.25 TOG – ideal for room temperatures above 22°C

"This wondrous bag has changed our lives"

Even in hot weather your baby needs a sense of security to achieve deep sleep. The Piep Tencel forms a light cocoon to keep your baby from getting too hot.

  • 100% natural, breathing fabric
  • excellent temperature regulation: keeps your baby cool in hot temperatures
  • absorbs moisture even better than cotton
  • silky soft to the touch
  • more elastic than cotton so it will fit your baby longer

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5 hearts rating

"A true lifesaver here"

"A true lifesaver here! When we try to put our little guy down without it he often has a hard time falling asleep. But when we put him in his sleeping bag he drifts off in no time! We’re absolutely stoked!"

Wendy S.

4 hearts rating

Babies sleep more peacefully in it

"Truly amazing sleeping bags! From birth (Piep). In my experience as a maternity nurse most babies sleep more peacefully in it. Great!"

Sylvia R.

5 hearts rating

He fell asleep in 5 minutes

"My baby cried all night and morning long. There was no comforting him! A week ago he was too small for the Puckababy but fortunately he fits now. After just 5 minutes he was sleeping like a prince."

Iris V.

Soothing, safe and not tight

The sensation of being inside the sleeping bag sets your baby at ease. It feels soft and warm and reminds your baby of those months spent in mommy’s tummy. Its arms are inside the sleeping bag so your baby can’t flail its arms about and wake itself up.

This protective cocoon helps your baby settle down faster and then sleep longer and more deeply. Deep sleep helps your little one process stimuli and alleviates stomach cramps. Your baby can sleep through the night undisturbed and eventually wakes up of its own accord.

The simplest but most important effect of this cocoon is that it helps your baby wake up well-rested. Baby is happy and settles into its normal rhythm again. Before long, sleepless nights and the powerless feeling of not being able to help are a thing of the past.

Product information

  • Age 0 - 3 months
  • Height 44 - 62 cm
  • Weight 2,5 - 5,5 kg
  • Lenght Piep 66 cm
  • Washing instructions
  • 40°C and can be put in the dryer (low temperature).
  • Wash separately and close all Velcro and zips before washing.
  • Dark colour? Always wash the dark outer bag separately.
    The first few times separately with water and a dash of vinegar to fix the colour.
  • Composition
  • Tencel - 93% tencel, 7% elastane
  • TOG
  • Tencel - 0.25 TOG
zipper protection - belly band: offers a sense of safety, relieves stomach cramps, keeps the sleeping bag in place - length adjustable

Personalize your swaddle bag

Making this swaddle bag as unique as your baby? Tell us your child's name and we will embroider it on the swaddle bag. Extra handy for recognition in daycare.

Quality, comfort and safety

Puckababy is your go-to destination for fantastic baby sleep essentials, carefully designed to create a safe and snug sleep haven.

All Oeko-Tex certified

Puckababy helps babies to sleep enough hours.

Seasonal fabric options

Keep your baby cozy in any season with our seasonal fabric options.

High quality materials

Puckababy helps babies to sleep enough hours.

Piep - Veel gestelde vragen

Yes, the Piep Swaddle Bag is designed with your baby's safety in mind. It features secure fasteners to prevent any loose fabric near your baby's face. Always ensure your baby's face remains uncovered for safe breathing.

Puckababy offers various models and options of the Piep Swaddle Bag, including those suitable for different seasons. Look for models with seasonal variations or consider layering your baby appropriately to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The Piep Swaddle Bag is crafted from high-quality, soft, and breathable materials to ensure your baby's comfort. Specific material details may vary by model, so refer to the product label for precise information.

Yes. Cotton got XYZ. If you want to have something  warmer have a look at Teddy (link) or bla, look at tencel (link)

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