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  1. Sleeping bag 4 Seasons 6m-2,5y
    Bag 4 SEASONS

    BAG 4 SEASONS is the perfect sleeping bag to give your child years of restful sleep.

    • 4-in-1 sleeping bag
    • Adjustable length
    • Wraparound Belly Band keeps baby snug and in place
    • Years of sleeping comfort
    • Luxurious finish
    • Safe sleeping through the night

    This versatile, adaptable sleeping bag has been created for all weathers and babies of all sizes. The extra sense of security comforts your child, allowing it to sleep longer. We recommend using it with the belly band from 6-9 months old, so that even tiny babies can sleep safe, snugly held in place inside the bag. Then, thanks to its adjustable length, you can carry on using it for up to 2 years, day and night.

    Your child will never be too cold or too hot at night. That’s years of good, safe sleeping guaranteed, wrapped up in one.

    As low as €134.95
  2. Sleeping bag Newborn 0-6m

    BAG NEWBORN regulates your baby’s temperature while offering protection against the cold and draughts. The sleeping bag is soft, with a luxurious finish and even has anti-scratch mittens to keep baby’ fists warm and prevent scratches to the face.

    • Promotes a good night’s sleep
    • Makes rolling over more difficult
    • With sleeves (removable in cotton version)
    • With anti-scratch mittens
    • Keeps your baby warm

    It’s important to provide your child with that extra sense of security. The warmth and protection are reassuring for your child; it reminds baby of those months spent in mommy’s tummy. Rest improves your child’s sleep rhythm.

    As low as €74.95