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Personalize your Puckababy sleeping bag

A Bag4Seasons or Piep that is just as unique as your baby? You got it! Tell us your child's name and we’ll embroider it on the sleeping bag. Ideal to avoid mix-ups at daycare or to give as the cutest maternity gift!

A sweet or original saying can also work well, especially if you plan on gifting the sleeping bag. How about "Love package", "Sweet dreams", "Cool princess", "Sweet superhero" or "Little BFF"? 

We make your personalized item on demand. It gets a real special treatment: stitched with love and care in our Belgian warehouse.

Therefore, it is currently not yet possible to order personalized and non-personalized items together. Would you like to order multiple products? Then place a separate order for the items that are not personalized. 


Because we personalize your item by hand, we can't ship it right away. It will take a little longer than usual for your order to reach you, count on up to 3 business days.

The beauty of a personalized item is that it is made especially for you. Therefore, you cannot exchange or return the item.

For each sleeping bag, we selected a yarn that contrasts perfectly with the color and pattern of the sleeping bag. This ensures the sleeping bag keeps that balanced and soft Puckababy look. That’s why you can't choose the color of the thread yourself, but you can be sure of an ideal color combination.

You can have up to 15 characters embroidered. Do you choose your child's name, initials, nickname or (part of) the last name? A sweet or original saying can also work well, especially if you plan on gifting the sleeping bag, because more personal is more meaningful.

Swaddle bag PIEP 0-3m

Safe alternative for tight swaddling.

Bag 4 Seasons

Years of safe sleeping through the night with just one sleeping bag. This versatile, adaptable sleeping bag has been created for all weathers and babies of all sizes.