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Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

Supplementary to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, these Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions are applicable to Gift Vouchers issued by Qlevr NV. By making use of a Qlevr NV Gift Voucher, you accept these Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions and commit to complying with them.

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable to all gift vouchers issued and sold by Qlevr NV.
  2. Each Gift Voucher has a unique code. This may be a numeric code and/or a PIN code and/or a text code. Each Gift Voucher is issued only once. You should ensure you keep the Gift Voucher (including the code) in a safe place. No refunds are given on Gift Vouchers which have been stolen (including if the code has been used by unauthorised third parties), or lost (including if emails have (accidentally) been deleted). Only the original Gift Vouchers and codes may be used. These must be supplied to Qlevr at its request. Qlevr reserves the right to only accept a Gift Voucher following receipt of the original Gift Voucher (or the email containing the code that was sent to you by Qlevr or a third party designated by Qlevr if your Gift Voucher was issued digitally) and to demand monetary payment in case of inappropriate use. If your Gift Voucher was purchased from a third party, you should keep the receipt and recharging confirmation in a safe place and, upon request, submit these to Qlevr NV.
  3. To use your Gift Voucher, please place the selected products in the online shopping cart. In your shopping cart, you will find a completed Gift Voucher. You can either enter the exact code or, during the payment process, select “use Gift Voucher” as your payment method and enter the exact code.
  4. The nature, value, duration and/or any other specific applicable conditions of use can be found on the Gift Voucher and/or in the message (email) containing the code. All Gift Vouchers remain valid indefinitely.
  5. Gift Vouchers issued by Qlevr NV and/or third parties designated by Qlevr NV can only be redeemed for purchases via
  6. Gift Vouchers cannot be used for unpaid orders.
  7. A Gift Voucher or its residual value cannot be redeemed for money.
  8. The right of withdrawal is not applicable to Gift Vouchers. Gift Vouchers cannot be returned.
  9. The residual value of a Gift Voucher can be used for subsequent orders. This value is shown in the user's account. The residual value is not transferable and may only be used from the same account from which the Gift Voucher has first been used.
  10. All information regarding the code, residual value and date of expiry associated with Gift Vouchers that have already been used can also be found via the account overview on the Qlevr NV website.
  11. If the total amount of the order exceeds the value of the Gift Voucher(s) being used, the difference must be paid using one of the other payment methods.
  12. In the event that Qlevr NV decides on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale to refund (part of) the invoice amount, if other payment methods have been used in addition to one or more Gift Vouchers, the refund will be provided as much as possible by increasing the Gift Voucher balance in your account.  If this proves inadequate, a refund of the remainder will be provided through monetary reimbursement of the remaining amount that was paid with another payment method. If payment was only made using one or more Gift Vouchers, in those cases, the refund will be provided by raising the Gift Voucher balance.
  13. It is not allowed to modify, forge, undermine or otherwise damage Gift Vouchers or their functioning (including with hacking).
  14. Any (attempts at) fraud or other prohibited acts will be registered and will lead to the use of the Gift Vouchers being denied.
  15. The use of Gift Vouchers, in any manner whatsoever, for commercial purposes and/or other purposes than for which they were issued, is not permitted.
  16. These Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time. You are advised to read the Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions prior to each use of your Gift Voucher. By continuing to use Gift Vouchers after the amendments have taken effect, you accept the amended Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions.
  17. For each order, you can redeem an unlimited amount in Gift Vouchers or a combination of no more than 1 discount code and an unlimited amount in Gift Vouchers.
  18. Please contact our customer service as soon as possible if you have any questions or comments about how to use the Gift Vouchers or experience any problems with redeeming them. Qlevr NV will make every effort to process your email as quickly as possible.