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New Collection

Beautiful things in life

Swatch: Boats
Swatch: Hearts Confetti
Swatch: Sky - Cotton
Swatch: Sky - Teddy
Swatch: Birds
Swatch: White Magnolia

A blue sky, colourful boats on the water, the smell of magnolia, birds singing and confetti ... in the shape of hearts! Little beautiful things, that kiddos and parents enjoy so much.

The new cheerful Puckababy designs are here to make parents and their babies happy. And most importantly: a Puckababy sleeping bag helps babies sleep faster, deeper and longer. That way parents and children have more energy for what really matters: the beautiful things in life.


Safe, secure, cosy, as natural as mommy’s belly.

The Piep swaddle bag recreates the warm, soft, cosiness of the womb. Pop your little one into a Piep and they instantly feel secure and calm, and sleep more easily, deeper and longer. Safely snug, not tight, with plenty of room for that ‘little frog’ sleep position essential to natural hip development. And because their arms are tucked inside, there’s no flailing to alarm and wake them up.

Sleep is nature’s way of giving your baby time to process their day and digest their food, so they wake up well-rested and happy. It’s an essential to natural development. And getting all those good sleeps helps settle them into the natural rhythm that will eventually lead to sleeping through the night. Naturally, just what you want!


Perfect first sleeping bag. 

Not every baby loves to sleep in a swaddlebag but still they need feeling safe and secure. Our Bag Newborn, designed to recreate the warm, soft, close environment of the womb. Zip them up, and they’ll instantly feel secure, soothed and ready for sleep, wrapped in that familiar snugness.

With easy-fit sleeves, anti-scratch mittens and plenty of growing room, we’ve thought of everything


The natural next stage

After a few months, your baby enters a new stage in their natural development. Rolling over and reaching out. They discover their hands, and how to use them to explore the big wide world around them. It’s an exciting time!

When your little one’s naturally ready to move on, we’re ready for you with our swaddling Bag Mini. It’s the perfect two-in-one, in-between bag. Snug, safe and secure, but with zips at the shoulders to allow their arms and hands to roam free and roll themselves over. Baby can carry on sleeping in the same familiar, friendly bag all the way through the transition from swaddled to free sleeping.


Never too warm, never too cold. Just how your baby likes it.

Once out of the womb where their body temperature was regulated for them by Mom, babies need a little help until they’re big enough to do it for themselves. You’ve probably spotted that the cold can unsettle them and disturb their sleep. Which is not good for all that natural development that still needs to happen.

Less is more in baby bedding, so we created the neat, slimline 4-in 1 Bag 4 Seasons. Years of safe sleeping, whatever the weather, from 6-9 months up to two years old. It doesn’t just keep your little one just the right side of toasty without having to layer on blankets. Close fitting and snug, it gives babies the same feeling of warmth, safety and security they still remember from Mommy’s tummy (and their first swaddle and sleeping bags).;

And when the temperature rises or the Summer sunshine arrives, just unzip a layer like a little Arctic Fox shedding its Winter coat. We get all our best ideas from Nature.