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Soft life

Your soft life starts here. A life of ease, peace and comfort. For you and your little one. Safe, sound sleeping from day one, wrapped in the softness of Puckababy. Bliss for your baby, a stress-free life for you. Time and space to fill with the things that money can’t buy. A warm smile on a cold day, family and friends, each other.

The soft life isn’t all about luxury. It’s about the boundaries we set, the choices we make every day. Let us help you live your softer life. 

Snuggle up. It’s time to live the soft life

Want to know how to live a little more softly? Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Make bedtime bliss time

Pop your little one in a Puckababy sleeping bag. The softest fabrics, the perfect fit for every size. Tell them a story, sing them a song, they’ll be in Dreamland in no time. And so cosy and comfortable, they’ll stay there.  

Make sleep time me time

And while your baby gently sleeps… Invite your book club round to yours. Catch up on the latest movie. Give yourself a luxury pedicure. Lay the table, order a takeaway and have a proper dinner date with your other half. Relax and enjoy!

Make time for loved ones

Maybe it means saying ‘no’ to extra work. Or ‘manana’ to mopping the floor. But hey, there are more important things in life, and precious moments with family and friends are right up there.

Or maybe you could start by heading to our website and spending a happy hour or so choosing which delightfully soft Puckababy sleeping bag is just right for your little one. And give yourself years of safe, sound sleeping. 
The year is ending. Your soft life is just beginning. 

Sit back, relax

Discover simple ways to live the soft life with your little one. 


Sign up for a softer life.

Give the gift of relaxed sleep with a gift card from Puckababy.

When you want to give the perfect baby gift, but you’re not sure what that is… Give a Puckababy digital gift voucher! Any parent or parent-to-be will love it, and it’s a brilliant baby shower gift. You’re giving the gift of sleep, and you don’t need us to tell you what a treasure that is! Bags of love. From you.