0-6 months

The Original ®

Baby Sleeping bag Proved: effective with crying, restlessness, agitation and sleepless nights.

0-7 months

The GoGo ®

Multifunctional babywrapper.
Keeps baby warm and comfortable.

7 months to 2.5 years

The Bag ®

4 seasons baby/toddler sleeping-bag.
Promotes a good and safe sleep.

Piep 0-3 months
Mini 3-6 months
Newborn 0-7 m
Kidz > 9 months
Newborn 0-6 m
4 Seasons 7m-2.5y

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Emma C - We won the Original Mini Tencel in a summer facebook competition and it changed bedtime for us! I used to swaddle but this is cooler, safer and really top quality. Recommended :)
Jade - My new born LOVES the piep and it has meant lots more sleep,for all the family. I can't praise the product enough. Would defo recommend it to new mums.
Corinna - My little girl loved the Gogo soooo much I have now bought 2 teddy newborn bags - they are so cosy she loves them - Thank you Puckababy
Pippa - I must say I love the product but the customer service was amazing - great advice. Thanks
Chloe - Thanks for the excellent customer service we have received. Very helpful and lovely! Yet to use but the quality is superior!
LUCY - My little one absolutely loves being in it!! Your customer service is a real testament to the Puckababy brand.
I can't thank you enough!
Christina - Such a wonderful product and money saver. We even took it on holiday as we didnt know what the air con would be like. Turns out we needed all four layers - life saver.
DANIELLE - Purchased my fab GOGO yesterday from Puckababy and it came today super fast delivery and it's so soft and cosy
Carly - Can I just say how amazing this bag is! Im a midwife and have never seen a product like this! It's fab and I advise it to all my mums to be plus your Piep!!! Great company
Carry - Nothing worked but came across you at the babyshow! We placed Lou in the Piep and she remained asleep for the 1st time ever! I cried in front of everyone - Embarrassing!
Kelly - Daniel loves it - even pointing at the little stars on the bag! Love it
Danielle - Best quality and most multifunctional out of all the sleeping bags I have tried in my 11 years of parenting! Excellent product.
Adelle - Im a new mum that discovered your brand on a blog. I can officially say my son loves his puckababy gogo....he's been napping in it for 2 hours since we got back from our walk
Helena - We absolutely love the Gogo! Its so versatile we take it everywhere we go! I love wrapping Josh in it, it melts my heart. We couldnt live without it! Thanks Puckababy!
Harry and Lou - We bought several products from Puckababy and absolutely love the Gogo! We use it everywhere! Recommend them to everyone!
Trace - Dont like the idea of swaddling, not at all! But this little swaddlebag is not tight at all and looks great. Klara loves it and her nights are so much better, ours too...
Sandra - Bought a Gogo at the Baby show ans I am sooo happy with it. Beautiful brand!
Nicky - Our Samuel and his Puckababy can only be described as fantastic!!!! The change was almost immediate. Unbelievable! What a fantastic solution!
Eric - What a great product! We’re so happy that our son feels safe and happy in it. It’s a great alternative to traditional swaddling. Thank you for the great service!
Isabelle - Super!! Our son has slept soundly and secure in the Puckababy, but now it’s time for the sleeping bag to succeed it. What a beautiful thing! thanks!
Rob - Truly practical, that Gogo of yours. Ideal in the baby seat or the pram. Teun stays comfortably warm and we find it a lot less hassle than constantly taking his jacket on and off.

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