Room temperature
20 °C - 27 °C

Luxury baby sleeping bag

  • For all seasons
  • With removable sleeves
  • With anti-scratch mittens
  • Outside cotton
  • Inside cotton

Puckababy® Bag Newborn

0 to 6 months | 70 cm
€ 69,95
Giraph Sky
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Other parents' experiences

"It's so cute!"
My friends have told me a lot about your brand, and when I was pregnant I really wanted one of your products. And so I bought this sleeping bag for my little one. It’s so cute! And with my daughter in it right now, I’m just in love. Oh yes, not unimportantly.. (sorry!), she is sleeping very well. Thanks!

"Amazing product!"
The quality is great! Our little boy is going to enjoy this for a long time :) Amazing product!

"I was looking for a safe sleeping bag with mittens"
The perfect way for us to go from the Puckababy Piep to a sleeping bag. He’s still sleeping well and peacefully. I was looking for a safe sleeping bag, offering the possibility to cover the hands, because our son scratches himself a lot. I also think it’s an advantage that the sleeves of the sleeping bag aren’t too tight, as is the case with many other sleeping bags. That is always such a hassle, but with this product it isn’t.

"Good quality, reliable brand"
We bought the sleeping bag, because our little one was quite restless while sleeping. What an invention. It’s making her sleep a lot more peacefully. It’s a very beautiful fit, and it looks good too. Good quality, reliable brand. We will even buy the successor, the 4 Seasons sleeping bag. It costs some money, but you get something wonderful in return!

"She sleeps very comfortable in it"
It fits well at the top, and it’s nice and warm. She sleeps comfortably in it. We tried the Piep as well, but she didn’t like having her arms restricted.

"Good and beautiful sleeping bag for the first months"
A very good and beautiful sleeping bag for the first few months. It’s washable and doesn’t take long to dry. Can also be put in the dryer for a short time, so after a dirty nappy you will be using it again in no time.

"Practical for the coming summer!"
Some of our friends gave it to us as a maternity present. After a few weeks we started using it, and we are really satisfied. We have the cotton one, with the removable sleeves. Practical for the coming summer!

"no more trouble"
A lovely little sleeping bag! I have used cheaper sleeping bags too, but getting the arms through the sleeves was always a problem. With the Puckababy, this is no trouble any longer.

"she is even more beautiful when she's sleeping!"
This sleeping bag can be described in 1 word: amazing! Lovely supple, soft fabric. Fits beautifully at the top, not to high and low, as was the case with other bags I used. An extra flap over the top of the zipper, so the baby can’t hurt himself/herself, practical "mittens" that can be used to neatly cover the hands. And not unimportantly; it just looks very beautiful, with all kinds of cool stitches and colours! Got a compliment from someone: she’s extra gorgeous while sleeping now!!

"it still looks beautiful"
Very satisfied with this product. Aside from the fact that the sleeping bag regulates the temperature very well, I am personally very happy with the option to cover my child’s hands. This way he can’t scratch himself in the face or (in case of slightly older babies) pull his pacifier out of his mouth when he’s (almost) asleep. The sleeping bag is very good quality: it’s been in the dryer for a few times already, and it still looks beautiful. It may be quite an investment: but you are getting a fantastic product in return, which will certainly pay itself back!

More experiences

Fantastic sleeping bag for your baby

Fantastic sleeping bag for your baby

PUCKABABY® BAG NEWBORN is a fantastic sleeping bag for your baby or expected child. It regulates your little one’s temperature and shields from cold and drafts. The sleeping bag is soft, with luxury finish, and it even has anti-scratch mittens. To always keep your baby’s little fists warm and prevent him from scratching his own face.



It’s important to provide your child with that extra sense of security. The warmth and protection comfort your child; it reminds him of that time in mommy’s belly. Rest stimulates the sleeping rhythm of your child. Sleep is necessary for healthy growth, and to process all impressions. Make sure your child falls asleep, and that he can sleep through. Read more ›

Bag Newborn

  • With anti-scratch mittens
  • Stimulates a healthy sleep
  • Prevents rolling over
  • With (removable) sleeves
  • Keeps your baby warm