“ No night for us without this lovely cocoon ”
“ No night for us without this lovely cocoon ”

Puckababy® Original Mini

3 to 6 months | 62 - 74 cm | 5.5 to 7.5 kg
€ 54,95
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Other parents' experiences

"recommended by the physiotherapist"
When my son was 3.5 months old, the physiotherapist recommended the Mini to me, to help with my child’s problems with overstretching. Fortunately, it started helping him a lot right away. He looks a lot calmer, and he sleeps better. It’s a huge load off my shoulders!

"You provided great service"
You provided great service. I wasn’t sure about the right size, because Iris was already quite big and sturdy after 11 weeks. You advised me to just try the Mini. And if it didn’t fit, I could just send it back. That was already comforting. But it didn’t have to be sent back. The fit was great, it looked quite funny and ever since she’s been sleeping a lot better and longer. Yippee!!!

"Moved from the Piep to the Mini"
By now we have moved from the Piep to the Mini. It’s going very well once more. We are very satisfied.

"Just ordered one"
Just ordered another one. For the times when the other one is in the laundry. Our little one is soooo fond of your little sleeping bag, and he has trouble sleeping when the Mini is in the washing machine. It cost come money, but a satisfied little man (and mom) is worth a lot!

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Ideal for the switch

Ideal for the switch

The Mini is the swaddling sleeping bag for 3 to 6 months. The successor of the Piep. It’s also ideal to help make the switch from other, tighter swaddling methods. To make the journey towards normal sleep go well for your child.



The swaddling sleeping bag from Puckababy® is the ideal solution when you have a restless baby who cries a lot, has trouble falling asleep and wakes up quickly. Swaddling can help then, but in most cases it’s not needed. Doctors who discourage tight swaddling, do recommend the swaddling sleeping bag from Puckababy®. The sleeping bag fits around the baby as a lovely, sweet cocoon. It does offer that sense of safety that the baby needs in order to sleep well, but it’s not too tight, and it regulates warmth. This is not such a big step for parents. It looks beautiful, and it’s easy to phase out. Read more ›

Original Mini

  • Not tight
  • Not warm
  • Baby falls asleep quickly
  • Baby sleeps through for a long time
  • Phases out quickly
  • With sleeve zippers