1001 things blanket

  • 100% microfibre
  • Ultrasoft
  • Lightweight
  • With luxury details

Puckababy® Cover Baby

From birth
€ 34,95
Moscow 75x100cm
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  • You will receive this item around 20 May.

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Other parents' experiences

"unbelievably soft blanket"
I have just received an unbelievably soft blanket. Another great product by you!

"So happy with it"
One of my friends gave me the Cover Baby as a baby shower present. I’m so happy with it. It’s on the baby bed now, and it looks so cute. I can’t wait for the little one to sleep under it.

"His snuggle blanket"
First we had the baby size, and last Christmas we got the bigger one, of 120 cm. Mats makes himself comfortable with it on the couch every evening, and afterwards he even takes it to bed with him. He can’t go without ‘his cuddle blanket’ that he got from Santa...

"Comfortably warm, not too warm"
My baby always loved sleeping in your Sleeper cradle. This did come with a sheet/blanket, but I wanted to add another layer for warmth. Especially for at night. I always used the white blanket for this. Very supple and light. Comfortably warm, but not too warm. And all the colours go so well together, it’s just a picture. I will send you another picture. But by now she’s 5 months old. We’ll move on to your big sleeping bag soon. I saw that you have a big blanket for this too. I’ll start saving up!

More experiences

It's pure enjoyment!

It's pure enjoyment!

Children love kisses and hugs, and they loved being tucked in once more. A blanket with a high level of cuddliness is just what they need. It’s pure enjoyment! In order to use the blanket safely in combination with a wrap, cradle or sleeping bag, it shouldn’t be too thick. The Puckababy® blankets are ultrasoft, lightweight and made of the best breathable materials.

These luxury blankets have a beautiful decorative trim. They can be used anywhere and anytime. Outside the bed they also come in handy, in the playpen, stroller, car seat, and comfortably on the couch. Both sizes are packed with a beautiful bow; a great (maternity) present!


  • For 1001 moments
  • Always cover your child warmly
  • Beautiful look and feel
  • Also a great present