Toddler sleeping bag - 130 cm

  • Years of sleeping pleasure
  • Ultra-soft
  • Adjustable length
  • For sleeping through longer
  • Can be combined with a duvet

Puckababy® Bag Kidz

from 2.5 years | 130 cm
€ 64,95
Cotton / Microfibre
Teddy Moscow
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Other parents' experiences

"He just sleeps on very sweetly"
I noticed that Jordi kept waking up, and I couldn’t really put my finger on the reason. Then I heard about your big toddler sleeping bag via Facebook. Maybe that could help? And yes, ever since we got that he’s been sleeping well, just like before.

"Well done!"
We swear by Puckababy. We had the Piep, the Mini and the big sleeping bag, that Seasons one for children up to at least 2 years old, for all three of our children. With the first two kids, we already asked you once to make an even bigger version. And we’re glad it’s here now. Well done! We felt we absolutely had to order it. No regrets. Beautiful price, and a beautiful sleeping bag yet again. Because it’s so long, Piet will be able to sleep in it for years. His sisters are jealous, ha ha.

"Over the moon with her big Puckabag"
Very happy when we heard that you would also be releasing a toddler sleeping bag. We waited for it especially, and luckily Amber still fit into her 4 Seasons until the release. The transition went very well. Every evening she’s over the moon to put on her Puckabag, and she falls asleep very easily.

"I like knowing that he's not cold"
It’s exactly the way you wrote. Ruben has actually always slept well, and good sleeping bags helped well before. So I never really needed your help for a cry-baby problem or something like that. But ever since he stopped wearing a sleeping bag, things don’t seem to be going so well. And I went looking in the shops. But I didn’t find a long sleeping bag anywhere. They’re all too short. So I searched the internet. And I ended up here, on the website. I ordered it right away, and received it the next day, and started using it. And it’s going well! I also like the thought that he’s not too cold at night. I always hate that for myself too.

"Not worried about moving to the big sleeping bag"
Our little, but by now almost big, miracle of 2 years and 3 months old has almost grown out of her 4 Seasons sleeping bag. But she is so attached to it. I’m just afraid of suddenly taking that away from her soon. I just ordered the Bag Kidz. I’m really looking forward to receiving it. Your products are always so beautiful, and I’m curious how this one looks. I’m not worried about moving to the big sleeping bag either now. It should be alright!

"Exactly warm enough"
I had some doubts for a while, because your new sleeping bag doesn’t have sleeves, and all of the others do. But May from the customer service told me that this is better for safe sleeping. And of course that is the most important thing, so I understand you. And it’s true; because Greetje wears pyjamas anyway, this is the best way, and she doesn’t float out of her bed. So it’s exactly warm enough.

They love going to bed & they sleep through

They love going to bed & they sleep through

Children like it when their bed feels soft and warm. That also makes the moment when they have to go to bed easier. Especially when it’s a little cooler. When they’re about 2.5 years old, a lot of little ones will switch from sleeping in a sleeping bag to sleeping under a duvet. It’s possible that your child will miss his sleeping bag quite a lot, and that he’ll be restless again. Falling asleep is more difficult without the sleeping bag, and the little one wakes up often during the night.



The toddler will have trouble sleeping, because of mobility and cold. Especially when the nights are a little colder. This often happens without the parents realizing it has to do with the change of the seasons. Toddlers can be rather mobile while they’re in bed at night. All this tossing and turning will quickly expose your little one, and his sleep will be disturbed if he’s too cold. After months of sleeping well, suddenly your toddler’s dreams are disturbed at night. This sleeping bag is the ideal solution. For your child it will feel wonderfully soft and familiar. As a parent, you can also rest easy knowing that your little one won’t be cold. Read more ›

Bag Kidz

  • For sleeping through longer
  • For falling asleep more easily
  • Makes the step to a duvet smaller
  • Makes the step to the big bed smaller